Main Logo
The logo has been conceptualized around the concept ‘between play and pause’ that signifies the breadth of genres, skills and styles that the brand encompasses.
Logo - expanded form
Bold letter-forms that signify the‘power’ that the voice is most sought for. Sharp edges + bold strokes in the first name provide professionalism & class, and a lower-case last name brings in some friendliness.
Business Cards
Two sided business cards printed on a high-quality matte stock, with a spot-UV effect on the coloured ‘>’ part - so as to highlight the ‘play/pause’ concept - makes for a great first impression!
Variety in concepts
A variety of business card concepts were developed using the same brand elements. Here are some of the designs
Brand Collaterals
Several collaterals have been developed, including Invoices, Business Cards, Envelopes and Stickers, to portray the brand cohesively.
To maximize utility, a ready-to-fill PDF version for easy e-invoices has also been created. If used as a tear-off pad, the bold back provides a nice contrast.
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VH Personal Brand

Brand Narrative Development | Logo Design | Collateral Design | Brand Style Guide

A brand identity development for a music artist - Bollywood vocals, music producer and event performer, Vivek Hariharan.


‘Vivek Hariharan’ as a brand is bold and powerful. As a versatile artist, the music ranges from high-energy to soulful. As a diverse professional, the work ranges from vocals to music production to composing to performing. As a brand, it seeks to portray a mix of opposites - hard to get, but extremely flexible, expandable and warm once you get working.

The logo plays on the concept of 'everything between play and pause' to highlight the artists range & versatility.

Through this branding exercise, we have sought to professionalize, premiumise and homogenise all elements of the brand. A detailed brand style guide was created to serve as a guide when implementing any aspect of the brand.

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Seattle, WA (USA)