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​To the kind souls who took some time out to say how I helped them - thank you! 

If you'd like to leave me one too, the button below will allow you to email me a quick note!

Nirbhay Kanoria
Co-Founder & Editor,
The Curious Reader

Working with Nimisha was a complete pleasure. We required her not only to execute but also conceptualize the graphics for literary pieces, which can be quite challenging, but she did a wonderful job of it. 

She was incredibly professional and particular about deadlines, and at the same time was willing to make whatever iterations we required her to make. She was even willing to brainstorm for concepts of pieces that she was not executing which was incredibly helpful.


Her aesthetics are beautiful and her skills flawless. 
If you need a freelance graphic designer, don't give working with Nimisha a second thought. She'll make your life much easier. 


Iulia Bejan
Founder, Connect Lounge


When you are launching your brand, choosing a graphic designer able to translate your vision into reality becomes a very personal experience. It’s similar to looking for someone who can take care of your baby. Nimisha created my menu design as well as a number of interior design elements that are key to my lounge concept.

I have been impressed with Nimisha’s creativity and analytical abilities. This mix of analytical and creative skills is rare to find in her line of work. She was thorough in her work, extremely attentive to details, thinking everything through from creation to execution from both a creative and operational perspective. All the deliverables were submitted on time.

I am very happy with her work and I highly recommend her for any  graphic design project that requires an extremely creative mind powered by the ability to think analytically as well.

Priyanka Kheruka

VP Marketing

Borosil Glass Works Ltd, India

Nimisha worked on consolidating our multiple catalogues that we had for different categories in the consumer division at Borosil. She undertook the mammoth task of consolidating all the data within one template, and found a way to process and present the information from diverse categories within a comprehensive yet easy to follow format. In the process, she found so many gaps and errors that nobody within the company had managed to find in all these years! She gently yet firmly pushed us to articulate our objectives for the catalogue, opened our minds to new possibilities, and pushed us to think through difficult decisions  - and all that work has now come together in a beautiful, precisely designed catalogue! 

And I haven't even begun to talk about her design sensibility. There are very few designers who just "get it" - Nimisha is one of those. Every font and sizing is thought through, every look and feel is deliberate. Nimisha worked within the guidelines of our brand manual, but has still managed to come up with an entirely new look and feel to the catalogue!


It would be injustice to call Nimisha a graphic designer - she is an information architect, a strategic consultant and a designer all rolled into one. I would be hard pressed to recommend anyone more strongly. If you want somebody who feels as passionately for your brand than you do (if not more), someone who is always keen to do more and better (even when you are satisfied with what you've got), someone who is impossibly both immensely right and left brained - then you've come to the right person!

Borosil Catalog

Sripriyaa Venkataraman

Founder, Board member, Director

Tripura Multinational
Singapore and India

I had the pleasure of working with Nimisha Todi, over the past year, as she contributed her efforts to specific areas of our corporate re-branding efforts at TripuraMultinational.


What truly differentiated her work for us, are,

1) Her ability to translate ideas to meaningful insights through her visual design
2) Her ability to deliver on time and most time ahead of her committed time.
3) Her continuous belief in helping the client see merit in simplicity yet coupled with sophistication, for the visual designs, and;
4) Her ability to challenge our beliefs, which helped in creating the right visuals for our branding efforts.

Thank you, Nimisha, for all your constructive contribution to this effort and I am looking forward to working further with you. I am happy to recommend Nimisha for your visual design and branding needs, either for your company or for your independent professional needs

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