The short(ish) version: Hi there!

Simply put, I love to create. To think, to make sense of things and to put them out into the world.


While I love all kinds of graphic design, I think my biggest strength & interest lies in brand identity design. It successfully clubs two things I'm passionate about - design and marketing. To start with a vision, and to see it through, with consumer deep dives, competition analysis, unique proposition, to the final visual identity! I try to extend the same problem-solving approach while creating illustrations, books and albums, mobile interface design or even stationery! I'm as comfortable (or even more) with plugging in formulae on excel and analyzing data as I am with the Adobe suite or other design software.

I am rational, I am dependable and (overly) organized! I love observing what's around me, just being in the moment. I love meeting new people and being around people. I love trying new things - new places, new activities, new cuisines. I love listening to music - classic rock, pop and a growing appreciating for indie rock (though I'm terrible at identifying the names of even my favorite bands and artists!).