Illustration for Driver 1
Sales Performance Accelerated
Illustration for Driver 2
Institute For Sustained Excellence
Illustration for Driver 3
Tripura Foundation
Sketches & Developement
A few of the sketches and mock-ups from the iterative process that helped arrive at the final illustration
Inforgraphic for TAMIS
Distilling pages of description of a program into a succinct visual to explain and promote the program.
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Drivers for Change

IAbstract llustration

Tripura Multinational is a Singapore based sales & management training agency which specializes in providing professionals with hard and soft skills catered to their organization / team's specific needs. 

Rooted in strong values and ideals, they needed 3 illustrations that depicted the softer more abstract aspects of their Drivers.

These illustrations have emerged after multiple rounds of sketches and brainstorming to get the right tone.

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Seattle, WA (USA)