Intro Page & Intro Page
Lively pages that allow the sibling to introduce him/herself and get acquainted with 'Baby'
A number of activity pages help keep the sibling engrossed and involved with Baby's arrival
Various picture pages and questions help capture the moments before Baby's arrival
Sticker Sheets
A pocket on the back cover houses the sticker sheets that are to be used through the book
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Sibling Album

Concept | Content | Illustration | Layout Design | Print Production

An activity book + baby album that's meant to be filled out by little kids - soon to be siblings - while they wait for the arrival of their baby brother / sister.

The book needed to work for not only a wide range of age groups (3-10 years), but also girls and boys, and it needed to appeal to the young, expecting mothers, who'd be the actual customers.

It's been designed with usability at its core. It has sticker pages at the end, which allows the child a more interactive experience through the book.

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Seattle, WA (USA)