Pictographs for Wayfinding
a set of 12 icons was developed to use patterns and color to embody each collection of the museum
Pictographs Development
each icon was arrived at by abstracting patterns from carefully selected museum pieces for each collection
Wayfinding Mock-up
a mock-up of how the developed icons could be used - the patterns becoming a part of the space
Extending Iconography to Collateral
a series of posters build upon the 'connecting cultures' concept by connecting the icons visually
the patterns developed for the icons have immense potential as marketing collateral across various products
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Wayfinding for SAM

Pictographs | Concept | Brand Identity | Collateral Design

An identity & way-finding system for the Seattle Art Museum based on its focus on “making connections between the past and the present” aimed at giving a layperson a framework to interpret the artwork.

The goals were to have something recognizable and representative. Each of these patterns was created to capture & invoke the distinctive essence of each collection.

The emergent pictograms were then applied to way-finding mock-ups and collateral such as posters, and a like of marketable products.

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Seattle, WA (USA)