Month Separator Tabs
Monthly Tabs on the side of the planner help turn to a particular month easily
Month Separators
The 12 monthly separators done in 6 patterns, and 6 colors, and printed on a heavier card stock
Month Calendar
Occurring at the start of each month, this spread captures all events, birthdays etc in the form of thumbnails
Year Calendar
Captures the year at a glance, and provides space to start off the year on an inspired note
Inside Pages
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Events, Holidays, and Daily Quotations. Designed to be very user-friendly yet warm
Extra Pages
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Personal Planner

Concept | Content | Illustration | Advanced Layout Design |
Color Management | Print Production

A personalized daily planner, created with functionality at its absolute core.

Every day of the planner included any public holiday, any personal events, birthdays & anniversaries of family and friends - and in the absence of any event, an inspirational quote.

A careful color coding was followed for the sub-conscious interpretation of days of the week, and a set of 6 patterns were used through the 12 months. A number of color and pattern palates were developed to give the client a choice of style. 

Execution of this project involved advanced levels of Adobe Indesign with a high reliance of coding and GREPs, and Excel skills.

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Seattle, WA (USA)