Final Label Design
Old to New
A comparison of the old label design vs the redesign.
Other Concepts
A number of visually and conceptually different designs were created as the first step.
A number of successive iterations helped whittle down the best of various concepts, into the final design.
Every element of the label design was tweaked with close attention to detail
For the Russian market version of the label, the type design needed to be effectively translate to the Cryllic script
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Gummies Packaging

Brand Identity | Type Design | Packaging | Language Versions

A redesign of the top-selling OTC product of a pharmaceutical company so as to make it more appealing for the International market. While the product itself was found to be liked by kids, the packaging did not adequately reflect the same.

Design Goals

- To be appealing to kids and mothers.

- To stand out on the market shelf, but still retain adequate doctor advocacy

- Steer clear of 'teddy bear' images that seem to dominate the market

- Create a unifying, yet easily distinguishable identity for the two variants



After a thorough research phase of market shelf, other global supplement brands, and kids medicines, a number of concepts were created. These concepts varied significantly in terms of visuals and concepts. A couple of more rounds of iterations helped combined successful elements of various concepts, and refine the design. Prototyping amidst the iterations helped ensure that the design worked in print.

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Seattle, WA (USA)