Outside & Inside
Thoughtfully designed journal pages for little chefs to pen down their recipes.
Intro & Table of Contents
The personalized version has a provision to add a custom dedication on the intro page
Main Pages & Stickers
Carefully planned spaces for Ingredients & Methods, Fun stickers to liven up the page, and free-space on the left side for recipes that run over, drawings or photos!
Useful + fun stickers provided to make each page more fun and easy to access!
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Recipe Journal

Concept | Content | Illustration | Layout Design | Print Production

A recipe journal designed specifically for little chefs in mind. 

Everything, from the ​table of contents, to the large line heights, to the lengths of ingredients/method have been specifically planned keeping in mind little kids who have just learnt to write, and are learning the art of journaling. 

The stickers have been thoughtfully designed to make each page visually attractive as well as informative, and allow the young chefs some 'activity-book' like engagement. 

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Seattle, WA (USA)