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EO Yearbook

Content | Layout Design | Type Hierarchy | Color Management | Print Production

EO Bangalore was releasing a yearbook after 10+ years. The yearbook needed to make an impact and bring members closer, especially after the socially distant year.

The requirement was clear - it needs to feel luxurious, high-end, smart. It needed to be better than anything done in the past. They wanted members to be 'wowed' by it.

Given that the predominant part of any yearbook is the member profile pages, that was our starting point. Having considered various options for number of profiles per page, arrangement of photo vs text, word count of text blurbs - we arrived at a layout that worked. This dictated the overall layout aesthetic for the rest of the book. 

Designing a yearbook also involved providing the tools to the client for gathering content from all the 100+ members. We set up a Google Form, with all the necessary validation conditions programmed in (so as to maintain uniformity of word count across all write-ups) as well as the ability to upload images.

The next component was of course, the aesthetics. For a text-heavy book, that people usually only glance through quickly, readability was integral. Lastly, various color options ​were evaluated, with the guiding principle being - luxurious, yet smart / savvy / young.

Designing a book like that is incomplete without production support - sampling binding styles, cover options, materials, gift box​ styles etc. are all integral to achieving the desired look and feel.

The yearbook received a lot of compliments  from the members -

"Classy classy year book!!"

"Superb production and design"

"Just got the year book, it has come out very well. excellent work. 👏👏👏🥂🥂🥂"

"Very nicely done: the EO yearbook! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻"

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