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Borosil Product Catalog

Strategic Information Hierarchy | Usability Design | Layout Design 

A complete redesign of the product catalog for Borosil for their 400+ glassware products spanning multiple categories, to provide a cohesive, comprehensive solution in the form of a consolidated catalog. This catalog is circulated as a physical book to the dealers in the network, allowing them to understand the products and place orders.

Reason for Redesign

Previously, the brand had 10+ different catalogs, for different categories and sales channels. Each catalog had a vastly different look & feel which prevented the brand from appearing unified, prevented cross-selling and was difficult to maintain consistently.

Strategy & Data Solution

With a rapidly growing and changing product line, we needed to ensure the longevity of the catalog. To this end, the project involved creating a strategy for current and future product hierarchies. Apart from proposing a rational structure, it also involved creating the back-end data sheets for managing and updating this product data. In-depth use of scripts and formulae allows multiple users from keeping future updates to the data correct & consistent.

Design Solution

The actual design took into consideration the pain points, the limitations, and the 'nice-to -have' features of the existing solution for the sales channels. The following are some of the key highlights of the redesign:


A large overarching theme to this redesign was 'consistency'. Constant insistence upon the highest standards in this aspect allowed us to produce something that instantly allows a reader to digest this vast amount of information. Consequently, knowing when to break out of the structure, allowed us to address specific needs of particular categories & highlight unique features, while still remaining largely consistent. A strong adherence to the brand style guide and type-hierarchy further help provide structure & dependability across the pages.

Using the Catalog as a Salesperson

In order to reduce dependency on the skill of a particular salesperson to highlight product uses to a dealer, the catalog now includes 'usage tabs' and 'usage tips' that allow a dealer to instantly recommend the right product to his customers looking to purchase for a particular need.

Information Design

When dealing with such vast amounts of data it is imperative to ensure that the visual hierarchy is intact. From redesigning the tables for combinations in the Larah category, to organizing the designs of the Bolt bottles that allow a customer to easily pick size and color, to ensuring a visually strong layout for the Appliances section, every piece of information was considered from the point of view of the user (in this case, the dealer) 

Attention to Detail

The smallest element has been considered, discussed, and multiple solutions have been provided where applicable., For example, redesigning the icons for a consistent yet understandable look, ensuring product images have been made to scale where applicable, ensuring all images have the same aspect ratio etc.


Created in Adobe Indesign, there has been heavy insistence on creating master sheets, styles and templates. This would ensure that the catalog is scalable by allowing future updations to be made while ensuring consistency.

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