Menu Design
Designed to embody the concept of 'Connect'. The message is read once the two side panels are brought together.
Menu Design
The inside spread displays all the food and drink at a glance
Share a Table Jars
Front and Back labels, as well as double ended flags helped bring this concept to life. By flipping the flag in the jar, a person can invite a new person to share his/her table
Phone Box
These metallic boxes were designed to allow a people to 'lock' their phones away so that they could enjoy a distraction free conversation with the person across
Conversation Starters
The community tables house such flipboards containing thought provoking questions, quotes or jokes. Designed to provide convenient segues during a lull in the conversation.
Grand Opening Collateral
Menus and flyers for the Grand Opening Party
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Connect Lounge

Collateral Design | Brand Style Guide | Concept Design  |  Material and Production

Connect Lounge is a concept bar in Seattle, which aims to bring people together through great conversation. To this end it has a number of elements that help people connect with someone entirely new.

I came in at the stage where they already had a logo in place but no other design elements, The project involved menu design, a number of different collateral as well as a brand style guide for future design iterations.

Menu Design: 5 diverse menu concepts were presented initially each incorporating different materials and themes, but each of them embodying the concept of 'connecting'. The final design incorporates a Single Open Gate Fold style where the two panels come together to reveal a message. Carrying forward the theme of 'connecting and conversation' to the nomenclature, we called the food menu 'Small Bites', and the on-tap-drinks 'Instant Connection'

Stories: Building on the insight that Connect Lounge was all about sharing experiences and stories, we decided to accompany each cocktail with a snippet of a story. The stories were designed to evoke feelings in line with the flavors of the particular cocktail.

Collateral: Share-a-table-jars, phone boxes, exchange boards, check presenter magnets - were some of the collateral conceptualized and designed for Connect Lounge. It also involved scouting out the perfect materials and accessories needed to produce and print the designs.

Brochures & Postcards: A tri-fold brochure and a double sided postcard was created to spread the word around the community.

PS: do check out Connect Lounge if you're in Seattle. They have a lovely, positive vibe, and amazing cocktails! 

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Seattle, WA (USA)

Grand Opening Collateral

Menus and flyers for the Grand Opening Party